Getting the Most Money for Your Junk Cars

If you decided you want to cash in your junk car there are some tips you should follow. In order to get the most cash for junk cars in Seattle, you have to work out what your current junk car is worth. The value of a junk car is subjective but you could do a comparison to find out what other similar junk cars have recently sold for in the area. After you have established what your junk car is worth you can start looking for reputable junk car buyers in the area.

Things to Keep in Mind

The first thing you should keep in mind when trying to sell your junk car is the prospective buyer is going to try and “low ball” you. They naturally want to get the junk car at the lowest possible price and since you know what the current fair market value is for the vehicle you will need to work on your haggling skills.

You cannot expect to get the full 100% of the current fair market but it should be an amount you can live with, something in the 40%-60% range is fair for both you and the prospective buyer. Do no sign over the title if the buyer is using a personal check to facilitate the transaction, the check could bounce and the buyer would have ownership on the junk car they just towed away from your property. Either use cashiers or certified check so you know the money will be there. Speaking of titles, you should make sure you have the title on hand to sign over to the prospective buyer once you both have worked out a price. By following the outline we have prepared you should be able to get the most money possible for your junk car.

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