Myths about Diesel Engines

If you want more than the average truck offers, why not opt for a diesel engine instead? Man people choose trucks that have international diesel engines inside of them because they have more torque, more ability to give you the power that you want, and despite the assumptions of many, are more fuel economical than other vehicles. But there’s also a ton of myths concerning diesel engines, and we’ll reveal some of them here for you!

Myth #1: Diesel Fuel is Dirty.

Thanks to strict EPA emissions requirements, diesel fuel must meet specific criteria, so if you hear that diesel fuel is dirty, this is completely false. A  DPF is added to the fuel to remove smoke.

Myth #2: Diesel Engines Don’t Crank During The Winter

Cold start is not a concern with a diesel engine, despite the thoughts of many. These engines start just as well as any other gasoline powered vehicle, no matter the temperatures outside.

Myth #3: Diesel Engines Use a Lot of Fuel

This is a big myth because the truth of the matter is that these vehicles are actually practical and more fuel economical than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Myth #4: Diesel Trucks Run Poorly

Again, this is completely false because the truth of the matter is that most of the diesel trucks have added power and torque, and less problems than gasoline powered cars.  You can get where you are going, on road and off road, with a diesel truck in use and in your possession.

Myth #5: Diesel Fuel is Hard to Find

Don’t worry about experiencing difficulty finding fuel with a diesel powered vehicle because this is a simple myth like the many others we’ve listed here. You can find diesel fuel at most of the same locations as gasoline.

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